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Isn’t Cloud Gate One of the Most Touristy Thing in Chicago?

Dec 10, 2013

Anish Kapoor is probably one of the most distinguished artist and creator known to the sculpting and designing world...and Chicago’s lucky enough to be one of the cities that he has contributed to in the form of Cloud Gate. Cloud Gate, or better known as The Bean, is a centerpiece that took the world by storm when it was first introduced. It is the first public outdoor artwork that was installed by Kapoor in the United States.

What is so unique about Cloud Gate a.k.a. The Bean?

First off, Cloud Gate, the elliptical sculpture that stands out from afar, weighs a whopping 110 ton and is made out of pure stainless steel (in order to withstand all-year harsh weather).

Charter bus visitors who have been there says that it gives you another perspective about Chicago skyline. You see things from another angle that you didn’t or couldn’t have thought about before. ‘We all do this - take pictures of the skyline and the buildings but when you see it from The Bean’s perspective against the sort of distorts what you think you say. Perplexing but very interesting, indeed,’ shares one of our Chicago charter bus visitors who was there for the very first time.

And that, dear readers, is what makes The Bean interesting.

Visit The Bean to kill two birds with one stone

Cloud Gate is located near Millenium Park...or in other IS a part of the great park.

Millennium Park is located within the Loop Community area. When it was first designed and built, it was a dedicated to our approach towards the Millennium. Today, it is a civic center near Lake Michigan which includes a 24.5 acre worth of gorgeous shoreline view. And we are not forgetting the fact that you will get the chance to view the skyline too.

You can spend some time exploring the amazing park, do some people-watching, gaze out into Lake Michigan with your loved ones, and if there is entertainment going on (there are many performances held at the park, check out the schedule on their official website before heading over) and of course, we are not forgetting the well-maintained ice-skating rink located near the park either.

Isn’t Cloud Gate touristy and if yes, shouldn’t we avoid it at all cost?

Yes, Cloud Gate IS touristy. The fact of the matter is that it was designed to impress the socks off of people and also bring in tourist money. It is a fact that we cannot possibly deny. But at the same time, it knocks you off your feet. When you are looking at The Bean, it looks right back at a very psychedelic way too.

Despite it being touristy, we think it is still a must-see. At least the first time you are here in Chicago.

So, forget everything that people tell you about it, get your Chicago charter bus driver to bring you there for a great photo op moment.

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